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Dovahkiin (7 parts, up comming witch hunt)

Starwars (5 parts, formulating the 6th)

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Chapters of Zander: Darkest Darkness! These will delve into the life of the Platinum Paladin, and the terrible forces bent on destruction that he must face.


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*It was only a few days after Kiro talked to the mentor that he finally decided he should go and apologize to Lilly, he could no longer bear for even a second to not have her at his side! He knocked on her house, holding a bouquet of flowers and rare orchids behind his back. He could hear her soft footsteps getting closer, and knelt on his knee, just as the door was opening. Kiro looked up to a shy and sorrowful Lilly peeking behind the door.* What do you want Kiro? *Kiro revealed the flowers to her, holding them up high for her to see.* I came to prove my devotion to you is as it always has been: utterly complete! Please, let me come in, I swear I have been nothing but true to my word as a man and as your warrior! *Lilly was shocked by the extravagant bouquet, opening the door and gently grabbing them from Kiro, she held them to her nose as she listened to his plea, and all she could hear was truth in his words. She stepped to the side, letting Kiro in. She closed the door behind him and he went to sit on the couch, she put the flowers in an empty vase, now far more interested in what Kiro had to say. She sat down next to him, and he held both of her hands in his, and looked her deeply in the eyes.* While Sakura was my pupil, I made a pact with her. She could turn vampire, if she could take it from me. That night I had gone out, she decided she had to fight me to earn her keep. In a surprising display she broke my blade and wounded my shoulder. I refused her a drink, but she cleaned her blade with her tongue. I have not seen her since. I Promise, every last word I spoke is the full and honorable truth my love. I cannot bear any longer the shadows of doubt between us! *Lilly hugged Kiro tight, kissing his lips deeply. He held her in his arms, leaning against her till she lay in his arms with him, still locked in lips. Eventually, when it did break, Lilly took a deep breath of air and cuddled herself into Kiro's chest, the kiss itself almost enough to have completely forgiven him.* I believe you Kiro, I love you darling, I'm so sorry I let jealousy come between us. *Kiro hugged her tight.* You never need to be jealous of the treatment I give others. I reserve only the best for You! *He smiled lovingly at her, kissing her again. He smiled in the kiss, breaking it, nuzzling with her for a moment.* Lets go up to the lakehouse. Forget the council, forget the chief. Just you, and me. *Lilly took slow deep breaths, intensely savoring the very thought of all that time with out distractions between them. She nodded slowly, cuddling into Kiro further.* Sounds wonderful darling. *Kiro squeezed her hand and smiled at her, kissing her lips briefly.* I should warn the Chief of our sudden vacation, want to start packing your things? *Lilly nodded and kissed Kiro deeply, surprising him with the vigor she kissed with. When it broke he gave a big smile.* I knew Lilly was still in there! *She blushed and giggled, punching his shoulder gently.* Get going, I can't stand another second here.

*Kiro arrived at the headquarters and was on his way to find the Chief when Sakura intercepted him. She suddenly pushed him up against a wall, only inches away from his face, and leaving little room between them.* It worked, Kiro! I'm just like You now... *She caressed his face, seeming to savor every last detail about Kiro. His senses were aflame with her pungent scent, his fangs growing as his body couldn't refuse the intoxicating aroma. His will was fortunately stronger, his resolve to take Lilly to the mountains the only thing keeping him in check. Sakura giggled, leaning in and gently kissing Kiro's neck.* I'm not so easy to ignore now, Am I...? I'll prove I'm far more devoted to you than “She” is! *Kiro started growling, unable to find the strength yet to push Sakura away form him.* As long as Lilly gives herself to me I give myself to her, I will not stray from my honor! *Sakura clasped his hair in her hand, trying to stare into Kiro's soul with her own desire for him.* She's scared of you, she's scared of your power! I'm not scared, I want you to be Stronger, I want you to make the GODS tremble! *Kiro shut his eyes tight, fighting the words with all his might, even as tantalizing as being a god sounded, he just couldn't bear it any longer. He shoved Sakura away and started walking, refusing to stop, completely forgetting about talking to the chief, it was time to leave this town. Sakura kept her pace with him.* You are capable of so much more Kiro, Lilly wants to hold you back! She doesn't want change, but change is inescapable! She won't embrace you or your power! *Kiro froze, suddenly turning and clasping her wrists in his hands, glaring into her eyes with utter fury.* I will NOT tolerate the mention of insubordination against my love ANY further! *Sakura gasped and fought being restricted, but she only grinned back at Kiro and licked her fang.* I wanted to mention, if you didn't change your mind, that I'm going to travel abroad for a while. But I Will find you Kiro. You Will be mine...! *Kiro brashly let go of her wrists and started walking away again.* That is left to be seen!

*Kiro rushed back to Lilly's house, storming to get what few things he needed packed and on the cart to go. Lilly made him stop in the middle of folding some clothes, obviously worried by his actions.* What happened Kiro?? *Kiro shook his head.* Nothing, I just want to get to the lakehouse. *He faked a big smile.* Honestly. *Lilly didn't seem to believe it at first, but let it go. Soon they were on their way to the lakehouse, and Kiro finally felt like there wasn't a pack of demons hot on his tail. Lilly massaged his arm as she held onto him, leaning up and kissing his jaw.* I love you darling. *Kiro smiled at Lilly and kissed her deeply, trusting the horses knew what the edge of the road looked like, he didn't worry about holding the reins for quite some time, before breaking the kiss. He sat up and let out a big breath, still reeling about Sakura's newest attempt to sway him. It scared him, terribly, because it almost worked.*

*Several months passed, and war had broken out in Japan and raged in empty plains separating the north from the south. Rogues joined the Samurai ranks, the formerly glorious Blood clan fading quickly. Kiro was deployed on the front lines, and almost daily there was another battle, hundreds dead on either side. Kiro forbid Lilly from joining the war, and though she felt compelled to fight along side him, she knew he would be too worried about her safety to properly handle himself and whoever might be under his command. Yoshiru, the nephew of the slain Samurai Shogun, consorted with magistrates and wise men in his abode, a General sat discussing his situation to the men.* There is a certain warrior who wears armor crimson as blood, and fights with the ferocity of demons! We cannot sustain further losses on this one's account, only when we can discard him can we attain victory! *Yoshiru questioned the general.* Anything particular about his helmet? *The man nodded.* It is like that of the so called “Elites” of the Blood clan, though it has horns. *Yoshiru smiled, finally he had found the warrior who killed his Uncle. His uncle had no interest in superstition, but Yoshiru has carried a dark secret for many years, since he was a young teenager.* We must learn what we can about this warrior. Send a spy into the Blood clan's headquarters, if we can find his bane, the war is already over. *The general bowed before the young Shogun.* Yes, my lord.

*It was another week before a standstill was declared, and Kiro was sent home to rest from the war. Lilly had been contacted by an informant of the offending party of the war, and Lilly couldn't believe it, but she listened to what they had to say. It all seemed to make sense, the clan hasn't been doing well, this war is putting further strain upon the clan, and more members are going rogue or leaving. She was sick of having a part in all these dealings, political entities meant nothing to her anymore, she just wanted peace, and Kiro. It was the night of an eminent attack on the headquarters of the Blood clan, Lilly knew it was betrayal to the clan, but it wasn't betrayal if it didn't exist, and should just a little thing really matter to her, or Kiro? They had forever to be with each other, the rise and fall of human factions are inevitable! Kiro seemed agitated this evening in particular, Lilly wondered what would happen if he left to patrol and caught the headquarters under attack. She doubted he could really stop it even now. She wanted to talk about it, but there wasn't any time for that, she knew Kiro would serve the Blood clan down to the last minuet, and then she had an idea. Lately their sexual relationship had been rather tense, and Lilly felt wild suddenly, the thought of such passion while their former occupations burned to the ground was beautifully crazy and sane to her. Lilly knew it was about the time of the attack, and Kiro seemed to be on the edge of the seat ready to go out for fresh air. She fell into his lap, kissing his lips deeply, refusing to let go of them for the longest time. She caressed his face and felt his hair in her hand, locking eyes with a fiendish smile.* I want love darling! Right Now! *Kiro raised an eyebrow, like he found this to be totally out of character for her some how, but he quickly shrugged it off and kissed her back, locking lips as he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Kiro could have sworn something was happening in the town while they made passionate love, but Lilly was ravenous in her lust, and he was just happy to feel like things were becoming normal between them again.*

*The next morning, Lilly and Kiro walked arm in arm in the outskirts of town, the very air around the city seemed somber and unusually quiet. Kiro talked to a store vender, who mentioned the headquarters had been attacked last night. Lilly's heart sank as soon as she heard the vender telling Kiro. Kiro rushed with Lilly to headquarters, finding nothing but smoldering ash left of the great building. The Chief saw Kiro and walked over.* Thank goodness you two are alright! *Kiro could hardly believe what he was seeing.* How could this have happened?? *The chief sighed and shook his head.* I suppose the council and I got complacent, too used to the way things were. Now it's come down on our heads. *Kiro didn't look away from the ruins.* What of the clan now?? What do we do? *The Chief shook his head.* Their isn't a clan anymore. It was an honor seeing your abilities Kiro. *The Chief left, and Kiro still stood there. Lilly pulled on his arm.* Common sweetie, you're worrying me! *He frowned at her.* How can we act like this didn't just happen?? I poured everything into the clan; honor, glory, riches! Now it's nothing?! *Lilly kissed his cheek and hugged him tight.* We have each other darling, I don't care what happens as long as it stays that way...! *Kiro frowned further, deeply disturbed by Lillys disregard for the loss of the most powerful clan to have walked the earth, and the lives they had worked so hard to build for themselves.*

*Kiro took Lilly to an okinomiyaki bar, unable to quell these strange feelings deep in his mind.* Why aren't you so surprised Lilly? One day we are the greatest warriors amongst the best of the best, the next we're common place! *Lilly shrugged.* The clan was dying, even You saw that before the war started! We're vampires, human problems last for a breath to us! *Kiro wasn't finding Any solace in Lilly's words.* You weren't born vampire, I thought you'd have more sympathy for your biological kin! *Lilly froze, stunned by Kiro statement.* What's that supposed to mean?? Our losses in the attack were minimal! *Kiro crossed his arms.* But we lived our entire lives thus far for the clan, I just find it difficult to act like it never happened now! *He thought about last night for several moments, his stomach suddenly as loose as a cheep whore as he started piecing things together. Lilly could suddenly feel his glare, scared to look up from her food; yet she did, and winced, she was correct.* You KNEW it was going to happen, didn't you?! *She shuddered, the cat was finally out of the bag. She nodded slowly, putting her hand on Kiro's, but he pulled away from her. Her eyes started welling up with tears.* The clan was dying, you are having nightmares from the war you should never have been in, the war could only end when the blood clan could no longer reinforce the emperor! Governments change, the older one always calling the new a traitor to them. Why should we involve ourselves with these petty human fights anymore Kiro?? *Kiro growled.* Because we have HONOR! So now that there isn't a council, a chief, a clan to tell me what to do, I should have Every right to go and find all the power I can to protect US, yes?? *Lilly's heart suddenly broke, oh no, not this again. She started crying.* B-but K-kiro- *Kiro continued growling.* I knew it! All you wanted was a lapdog to bend to your every whim! I hope you had fun playing that trick last night, because I can promise you this; it ISN'T happening again! *Kiro stood and started leaving, but Lilly clasped onto him, bawling and kissing his cheek.* I just want to be with you, I was sick and tired of those old men who acted like they were princess! Those haughty bastards are dead, they were going to die, but we dont have to suffer them any more, now it'll be just us! *Kiro shook Lilly off of him, continuing to leave.* You betrayed what you devoted yourself to, I find this hardly different than adultery... I just can't kill the fool that pulled it off. *Lilly bawled, hardly able to believe she herself pushed Kiro away from her, and wondered if they would ever be together again, even in thousands of years.*

*Kiro was walking alone in a pasture, and suddenly Sakura wasn't far off from him, she caught up to him and pushed him against a tree, smiling happily to herself.* So Lilly let the headquarters burn? I never thought she was capable of That! *Kiro was hardly in the mood to deal with much at the moment.* I didn't either. She tricked me, used her lust to hide the attack from me. *Sakura tutted sadly, rolling her finger across his broad muscular chest.* Who could ever do something so nefarious and say they love you...? *Kiro glared at her.* Are you saying your intentions have been the least bit honorable? *Sakura giggled and shook her head.* Nooo, but people didn't die over it either... *Kiro growled, that was indeed a valid point. Sakura pushed herself hard against Kiro, deeply rubbing his chest in her hands, licking her fang.* Be Mine now Kiro, I'll show you what it feels like to be a god! *Kiro gritted his teeth, it was certainly a temptation of great proportions... He gently pushed Sakura away, shaking his head.* I am too disturbed by recent events, I am in no mood to deal with any relationship, and probably wont be for a while. *Sakura giggled, quickly kissing Kiro before he could stop her, then she took a step back.* I Can wait, I'll wait hundreds of years for you Kiro, All eternity if I must! *Kiro started walking, huffing and shacking his head.* Go do that. Traveling sounds like a good idea... *As he walked to Lilly's house to grab his things, he decided that's just what he'd do. He would travel, he would quest for power, and maybe even become a god!*

The Chronicles of Kiro (Part 16)
What a stunning turn of events! What awaits the nightmare offspring of the dead vampire king Dracula??
i wish kids would stay off the fucking intnernet. if you arent in high school you dont belong in any community anywhere. its not because i just dont like the thought of kids on the internet, its that they dont know how the fuck things actually work and then we get a new generation of fucknuts who are as dumb as ever.

*Arngeir prayed in the middle of the main hall of the Grey Beards sanctum, suddenly disturbed by the opening of the doors, and the howling wind and snow that poured in. Arngeir quickly approached to see Thorin collapsing with Sasha in his arms, panting heavily.* Snow troll... Attack... h-help... *Thorin fell limp before Arngeir, who went to gather the other priests to assist in getting their guests to beds. Thorin woke not long after and found Arngeir waiting patiently for him to awake.* Greetings Dragonborn. *Thorin mumbled heavily, trying to gather himself with little success.* Hello Master... *Suddenly he sat strait up and stared Arngeir in the face.* Is my pupi- *Arngeir held up with hand with a calm smile.* The young lady is resting peacefully. *Thorin frowned but decided that would have to do for now.* I'm sorry to disturb my masters, but I must tell you- *Arngeir shook his head.* First, tell me what happened on the way here. *Thorin took a breath and nodded.* I've been tracking a Snow Troll for some time, since I've been visiting... well, here's the beginning.


*It was a harsh snow storm that raged against the jagged cliffs of Hrothgar, the mighty mountain in the center of all Skyim, and home of the Grey Beards. Thorin and Sasha tried to keep a brisk pace as they fought the fury of ice. Sasha yelled so Thorin could hear her.* How Much Farther?!?! *She heard him call back.* About another 1,000!! *Thorin rubbed his chest under the thick hide he covered himself with, realizing they were close to the home of the Snow Troll he was sure called this particular area home. He stopped moving and Sasha was quickly at his side.* Whats the problem Now?! *Thorin glared hard at her and mouthed the words SILENCE. She started looking everywhere about her, suddenly frightened now. He continued the climb the stairs, some snowdrifts making small shields from the ravaging winds, the path continued, a snow covered cliff loomed ahead above the stairs, but there was no way of telling anything in the harsh storm. They had to press on, Thorin made sure his enchanted shortsword was in it's place, its fire would be the key to winning if he had to use it. As they got closer Sasha stopped walking and Thorin didn't know, and suddenly she screamed behind him. He threw the coat off, unsheathing his elven sword and grabbing his shield as he tried ferociously to see past the storm, but to no use. He thought he saw something bulky like Sasha in her coat coming like she's catching up... But it never slowed and it started roaring.*

*Thorin braced himself, meeting his shield with a mighty bash from the trolls elbow, he slashed his sword at the troll, cutting it and making it roar it anger. Throin jumped back for some quick space, calling from his heart his Thu'um.* yolToorSHUL!! *an Inferno raged in a blast from his lips, clearing if only for a second much of the snow between the two, but it didn't do too much to throw off his enemy. Thorin always “fixed” up his shields for certain occasions when he had to use his shortblades. He pulled out his burning blade with his shield hand, lunging with a mighty roar at the beast. The beast roared back, swinging it's arm up in nearly a flash, knocking Thorin clean on his jaw, he flew to the ground and hit hard, loosing the shortblade in the tumult. He had to use every last ounce of his will to keep from blacking out and to stand back up, but as he stood up, a second wind flowed in him, his legs sending him towards the champion of trolls. The troll tried to swing again at him, but he bashed the arm with his shield, bringing his blade sharply up as he made full contact with the troll, sinking it deep through it's thick skull.*

*He gasped for air to try to keep whatever remained of the incredible strength he previously had, ditching his blades to look for Sasha in the snow. He found her coat, and she wasn't far from it. He put her coat on him, and picked her up, now both of them covered in the huge coat. Throin just worried about putting the next foot in front of the other, not long before he could reach High Hrothgar...*


Arngeir was impressed by the battle, though it's glory had to be short lived.* I am glad you survived the attack Dragonborn, and now I believe you had something important to bring me? *Thorin laid back in the bed and rubbed his face nodding.* The Dragon Priests can now rise again, those that aren't sealed deep in some catacomb could probably walk about now, though I'm not sure what purpose they could have. *Arngeir stroked his long beard thoughtfully.* Perhaps they simply rose out of pure commitment for their masters. Much like the draugr, perhaps they are bound in service, and it's possible they won't venture far from their tombs. *Thorin took a deep breath.* I'm happy I came her to learn they might not be a great threat after all. When I went to Shearpoint, the priest didn't rise until we disturbed it's tomb... May I look through the library to see if I can find anything new about them? *Arngeir bowed his head.* You are welcome within our walls Dragonborn, depart when you are ready. *Thorin bowed his head as well.* Your hospitality is much appreciated, I promise we won't stay much longer. *With a little bit of reaserch, Thorin learned that the masks are a part of a collection, that there was a hidden sanctum to house the masks, and was rumored to hold the mask of the dragon high priest. Not long after, Thorin decided he learned all he could for the time being, and Sasha was well enough to carry herself once more, so they continued with their travels, scouring the lands around the hold of Riften.*


*Thorin sat peacefully at their camp of the night in the woods south-east of the great mountain Hrothgar, the towering rock in the center of Skyrim, smoking his pipe full of herb and slowly reading the tale of an official of a queen, and a black arrow that continued to strike her portrait... He heard shifting in the grass behind him, he quickly dropped the book and drew his sword as he stood to face what dared to approach near his backside. Then he saw Sasha with an odd look on her face as she stepped from the shadows and sat in her spot near the fire. Thorin sheathed his blade and sat back down, finding his page in the book.* You look like you killed a fowl nightmare... *Sasha pushed hair out of her face.* I think I found one... *Thorin stopped reading, for once totally caught off guard by what Sasha said.* Did you say...? *Sasha huffed and stuck her tongue out at Thorin.* As much as you'd like the chance I DON'T have a DEMON for you to slay. I found an old house, smells like mixing potions, and there was several bushels of nightshade. *Thorin put the book down, lighting his pipe with a burning twig before turning to Sasha.* How far away is this house? *Sasha took a breath as she leaned back on her palms to the dirt, her eyes rolled around as she tried to really figure.* About a half hour walk further south. I didn't get much closer to it because I was tracking some game. *Thorin ashed his pipe and gave Sasha a new kind of serious look she hadn't known Thorin possessed.* What do you know about Witches? *Sasha instantly covered her mouth and shook her head silently.* Farther said they were terrible, terrible terrible terrible! They raise dead, they call upon those that aren't atronarchs! Cast damning spells and use dark arts! *Thorin nodded slowly.* All true. Most who use the dark arts eventually succumb to the most powerful urge of its ways... to become a Lich. I have slain a Lich, I have fought necromancers and vampires. True Witches are rare, and often solitary since the stench of death cannot escape them. This is why I think you have found a Witch. It would be best to kill her... *Sasha butted in.* But how?? *Thorin smirked.* If it can bleed, it can die.

Dovahkiin 7
Enjoy the the read! more adventures to come sometime in the future...
why doesn't this show up on my smart phone?? Admin script sucks :iconhiddentrollplz:
Has any one read my stuff?? Do any of you even read my stories?? I'm really fucking depressed guys, I'm barely able to scrape up what writing I can and post it, but not even a single comment on my recent posts! This hurts.
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no worries at all :D
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Absolutely! :)
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OH MY! thanks too for the Added to my devWatch!  shgdhjgjh 
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you know it :D i love ren & stimpy
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30,000 page views! Amazing! Thank you everyone!
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:iconyuiglompplz:It's time for nyor surprise kitty huggie-nya.   How have nyu been?  :heart: :iconazu-nyanplz:
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