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LITERARY WORKS: The Chronicles of Kiro (So far i have parts PROLOGUE to PART 16, and for fun a gender bender)

The Story of Lilly&Heaven (8 parts out, but technically 7 because the undefined chapter is definitely a chapter in Lilly and Heavens future, but things need to happen before that does and I haven't gotten a timeline for it just yet. formulating the next part)

Dovahkiin (7 parts, up comming witch hunt)

Starwars (5 parts, formulating the 6th)

Feel free to leave comments and critique!! :iconmorespartaplz:

:iconzohanplz:HCHCHEY!! I am cuchkrentchtly wchkrighting new storchies! Check it out!

ALL NEW: S.P.A.H. Project: Special. Privileged. Agent. Honored. Set in the not so distant future, this two joint anti-crime/terrorism syndicate will bring about a whole new meaning to justice and peace keeping.

Tales of Zander: Darkest Darkness! These will delve into the life of the Platinum Paladin, and the terrible forces bent on destruction that he must face. I wrote a preview in my journal posted 11/21/14


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I got hitched! :iconmorespartaplz: found a woman of legendary league and we've stuck together like magnets. We've been through a bit already, but I think it only proves what else we could do together. getting a place together, currently staying in a hotel waiting for the place to finish getting ready. we've been together 3 months since yesterday, but this is just... unexplainable! I just Know she's the one, we do wonders for each other, we help each other with our issues and we've been able to get through so far. :iconspartaplz:LOVE HER SO MJCH!!!:iconleonidasplz::iconspartakickplz: 
  • Mood: Sentimental

WHY?!? JUST WHY?!?!?!:iconsadspartaplz:

WEBCAMS, I MOURN THEE!!:iconforeveraloneplz:
  • Mood: Hurt
Yea, sorry about that. But I'm entitled to one too once in a while, right? It Was a freak out, shits happening and it's fuckin scary. I apologize I tried to take it out on you guys.

I found a job at a theater I think I might be able to hold though. It has a kitchen and bar, I'm going to be one of the chef's, they started me at nearly $10! It's going well and people seem to like me and seem to not mind my dorkyness or uncalled for enthusiasm too much lol I hope the construction work I have been trying to do on the side picks back up soon.

I do Surveying for Cement Layout. I recently got to help erect a BMW dealership in Loveland Colorado. Buildings rise and fall to my word! I'm actually only just a helper though, I help measure, draw lines, grab tools, yadda yadda. It pays pretty well though. I can only do it if they need me though. So i can't rely on that for income, but it's a nice way to get extra cash. I want to get a drawing tablet and practice like crazy so i can do commisions and translate my script writings (chronicles, starwars, ect.) into comics as i see them. it'll be awesome. I'll need some help learning how to do digital coloring, but I am pretty sure I can handle drawing characters and stuff with some good practice, it's been ssssoooooo long.

I would also like to get back into my writings, I've been so busy with my new job and my Mistress.

Not sure If I really told you guys, I have a mistress! She's 31, and geeky and lovely and oh so beautiful! She makes Helen of Troy look like a back alley $5 hooker! She is voluptuous too! She's simply amazing, and she swear's time and again I'm gifted like a horse :D I'm happy I can please her and be there for her, emotionally too. We just click, and every moment I spend with her I am almost always at a loss for words, and that's so difficult for me to understand or deal with because far more often than not I have too much to say about anything at anytime. We adore each other, and fit each other so well, I've never felt this kind of love or ever thought that it could actually exist except in the stories that I wrote. I don't give a damn about our age difference, I don't give a damn she has two young kids, I love her and she's been through so much pain and horror; I want to be there no matter what because she understands my pain too, and I won't let her go.

so yea thats whats going on lately. I'm going to be back soon though, I'll have my own internet and such, can't wait to play blacklight once more!!!!!

:iconmorespartaplz:The Spartan is back, just scuffed my knee and now I'm good :U
  • Mood: Passionate
  • Listening to: Is This Love - White Snake
  • Eating: Scones
  • Drinking: Coffee
it's not a lie. i am legitimately considering getting rid of this profile. Not even a single comment on anything of mine in months. I have serious shit happening in my life, I'm not blogging about it because I'm not an attention seeking crack whore like some children that use this site. I am an ADULT, I am having SERIOUS ISSUES. HOMELESS, PENNILESS, NO MEDICINE, NO FUCKING GOD DAMN HOPE FOR THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE BECAUSE ITS FUCKING THAT SHITTY!!!

SORRY i'm not a Daily like i used to be, SORRY I have to be concerned about my actual fucking life!

I've been TRYING to get shit out! I made character profiles for the chronicles as a help guide! I'm still planning the witch hunt, I'm in the middle of the 6th chapter for the STARWARS, and I'm writing the next Chronicles of Kiro too! I'd LIKE to post it for you people to see, but if no one is looking, i'll just take it some where else if at all.

:iconfuplz::icondarkrageplz: Thanks guys.
  • Mood: On Strike
What the fucking FUCK?!?! you ass holes are making me SERIOUSLY consider just deleting this profile because i'm not getting FUCK Anyway! I have SO much shit going on!! thanks for all the support jack asses!! not even a single comment on Any of my shit in months


United States
I am the one, the only Spartan. I can help, or I can destroy, try not to get on my bad side.

Current Residence: SPARTA
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal
Favourite photographer: not sure
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: multiple
MP3 player of choice: itunes
Shell of choice: n/a
Wallpaper of choice: BatMan
Skin of choice: Women
Favourite cartoon character: Samurai Jack

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Idk man your stamp collection scares me kinda. 
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Those who humble themselves will me honored, those who honor themselves will be humbled.
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