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LITERARY WORKS: The Chronicles of Kiro (So far i have parts PROLOGUE to PART 16, and for fun a gender bender)

The Story of Lilly&Heaven (8 parts out, but technically 7 because the undefined chapter is definitely a chapter in Lilly and Heavens future, but things need to happen before that does and I haven't gotten a timeline for it just yet. formulating the next part)

Dovahkiin (8 parts, brand new chapter starting the long fore-told witch hunt!)

Starwars (5 parts, formulating the 6th)

Feel free to leave comments and critique!! :iconmorespartaplz:


Hi, Spartan500 here. I am currently planning the next chapters for each of my works, but it's about time theres an update for whats currently happening.

S.P.A.H. Project: UNDER HIATUS!!!! Lost my outline for the story, I had found a partner to help co-write (part of the new management thing), but something came up and they had to bail out. Right now since I have so much other stuff going on, I just won't worry about this right now.

Tales of Zander: Darkest Darkness! These will delve into the life of the Platinum Paladin, and the terrible forces bent on destruction that he must face. I wrote a preview in my journal posted 11/21/14 UPDATE: I almost had a chapter but also lost that in the destruction of my laptop. I plan on re-writing it sometime soon.

NEW PROJECT: POKEMON! I am trying to start a pokemon storyline also co-written, but we'll see what happens with that, or if I take it as a solo project.


Thanks for the support!

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VillechaizeLove posted a reply

Actually, yes I do. I usually live in France, but I ALSO LIVE IN THE STATES 50% OF THE TIME, so you should go fuck yourself with a cactus. :) (Smile) I do know what I'm talking about.

MY reply: White supremacy reminder, a white man; shot 11 people, 5 officers, was not called terrorist (but thats exactly what he is) was taken alive. Don't fool yourself. This is your reminder that a white domestic terrorist has more rights than a black man walking away from the police. White man shoots up planned parenthood, takes hostages, shoots cops, is arrested unharmed. THAT is white privilege at it's peak.

:iconfuplz: Go fuck yourself with a rusty carving knife you frog cunt.
SweetlyCanada 22 hours ago  Student General Artist

Look, your an idiot to assume I am racist because I think people complaining over this flag to be absolute garbage. So guess who's the one being ignorant? Oh, that's right, you.

no, the Support of this flag is what makes you prejudice. You'd sport this flag wouldn't you? obviously decorating it on your profile with the invalidation of the oppression caused is what makes you an insensitive swine.
Anyone have a 3ds? I do! Send me a note, lets add each other! I've got pokemon trades, extra legendaries, a shiny rayquaza is up for grabs for something like jirachi or better. And besides, I'm probably going to get other games and maybe even some back that i got rid of, so we'll be able to do more than pokemon :U

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*Thorin and Sasha rustled through the bushes in hushed tones, crickets echoing all around them. The shed Sasha spotted rested in a pass between Hrothgar- the Throat of Skyrim-, and a neighboring mountain to the south of it. Sasha slowed her pace as they got closer to where she remembered first spotting the nightshade and death-bell bushels. Thorin checked and tasted a leaf from a flower of the two types of bushes. Thorin whispered after cleaning his tongue.* They’re well kept. Let’s keep moving, when we get to the shack you go around and keep an eye out, I’ll bust in and investigate. *Sasha nodded, both moving in silently to the semi-shabby shack that seemed too out of place considering its location. Thorin approached the door, listening for any footsteps, confident it was empty, he shouldered the door and busted it inwards. It did look like someone has been living here, there was even a jar with a butterfly in it. He found an apothecary’s satchel, finding rare ingredients for poisons and potions. He found a folded piece of paper, looked like it was almost ready to be mailed out.*

Dear Sister Anise,

My preparations are nearly complete, I have only to hire a carriage with enough gold to silence them about the cargo. May your hopeful prodigy make haste, our coven cannot rise to full strength without another pair of hands. –


*Thorin heard Sasha call from the east.* THIS WAY!! HURRY!! *He jammed the letter into a pocket and leapt for the window, hitting the ground with his shoulder, he quickly rose and throttled as fast as he could to find Sasha in the darkness ahead. He could see Sasha’s silhouette in the distance, her grace was admirable, and her determination could be felt with every jump over a fallen tree. He deeply trusted her after a year of training and venturing with her. She has become quite reliable and resourceful, so when she called to him, he had no doubt she saw the witch try to slip away unnoticed. Unfortunately, to alert Thorin, she had no choice but to give chase. They rushed south-easterly around the mountain side, Sasha stopping before a small hardly beaten path into an old mining hole. She was catching her breath as Thorin got there, he himself huffing and puffing to get his strength back.* What did you see?? *She kept huffing and pointed at the entrance.* I saw a shadowy figure trying to slip away, I think they saw us at the shack and tried to shake me off their tail. That’s when I called for you. I saw them slip into here, I think I was able to give them the impression they lost us in the woods. *Thorin patted her back and started heading to the entrance.* You did good. You don’t have to follow me in… *She stuck her tongue out at him.* Of course I’m coming with!


*Thorin crept through the mine shaft with deft feet, having cast a spell of muffle, and Sahsa followed ten paces behind, a perfect distance to stay unnoticed and jump in if the need arise. There were several tables with mutilated bodies strewn about, some seemed like they weren’t here that long, some were draugr found deep in catacombs or ancient nord burial sites. Sasha had to constantly plug her nose or hold her stomach to fight the horrible anoxia, Thorin didn’t seem to notice it very much though in her opinion. He stopped and held his hand up, peering around the corner of the rocky wall, and quickly pulling back and shaking his head. He whispered with Sasha.* Big chamber ahead, she’s in there, tying bundles. We need to move fast, I’ll take them head on, you be ready to back me up. *Sometimes Sasha hated not being the one charging in with war cry and weapon raised in these kinds of situations, but she did value how Thorin told her how much her help really is. *

Element of surprise is always the best defense… *She recalled him telling her back in Whiterun.*, should I falter or make a mistake, you jumping in at that moment will instantly turn the tables of the battle. *Which happened often enough, no one wandered Skyrim without tricks up their sleeves.*


*Thorin started moving in, slowly and carefully holding to the shadows in the candle lit chamber, and carefully unsheathing his ebony longsword and shield. Sasha stifled a sneeze, but it was enough to alert the witch, who cast a spell of steel flesh on herself, turning to face whoever was intruding. Thorin cursed the very dust of the mineshaft for meddling with his expert sneaking. He rose and started roaring as he charged at the witch, who threw up a wall of ward, her other hand flung out as she cast a black spell, her palm quickly turning from shadows to fire, she strafed back as she flung fireballs at Thorin. He couldn’t do much but block the fireballs with his shield, which shattered to pieces after the third explosion. As he lunged after the witch, he heard Sasha scream and there was a clash of metal. He couldn’t pay attention to it though, as he tried to strike the witch his blade was repelled by the ward. He wanted to slap himself in the forehead, He forgot enchanted blades can be repelled by the ward, and his causes shock damage. Sasha screamed again, and Thorin froze in his tracks this time, unable to ignore her outcry. He glared hard at the witch and bared his teeth, who coolly smiled back at him and waved as he turned to help Sasha. She was on the ground on her back, using all her strength and loosing as a heavily armored, daftly moaning corpse forced itself over Sasha, trying to thrust it’s sword through her chest. Thorin tackled it, wrestled with it to the point he was in a full nelson position with the corpse. Sasha grabbed her dwarven dagger, and with all the force she could muster plummeted it in the corpse’s chest. It let out a long painful breath as its flesh started to flake away and fall in a pile of ash.*


*All was silent in the chamber besides the panting of Sasha and Thorin. Then Thorin noticed the absence in the room, and quickly rushed back out of the mine. Sasha was hot on his tail, but as the got back outside, Thorin began to realize it was already too late. Thorin wondered what her next move would be, she certainly wouldn’t go back to the shack, and now her personal hideout was exposed. He glanced at Sasha.* See anything in there worth looting? *She shrugged and shook her head. He sighed and rubbed his hand through his hair.* Lets get back to Our camp then. I’ve got bad news. *Sasha followed right next to Thorin, still trying to gather herself from having been jumped while she was too busy watching Thorin try to fight. She shuddered at the thought of what could possibly be worse than losing their quarry.* What could be worse than a Witch on the run?? *Thorin replied, quite monotone.* Three witches forming a proper coven. *Sasha froze for a moment before jogging back to Thorins side.* You said WHAT?! *He glanced at her for a moment.* She is not alone. She has one sister, they are trying to attain one last one. When that happens, the three of them can cast spells even arch-mages can’t manage. They must be trying to attain some utterly dark power, but for what purpose… your guess is as good as mine. We’ll have to be wary, we cannot forgo this hunt in the middle of our travels. We must find one of the others, if we can capture or kill at least one, it will put a big mountain in front of whatever their plans are. *Sasha sighed and shook her head, what Thorin just described was the biggest quest they ever took upon themselves. She liked to anticipate the challenge it would certainly be, but she wasn’t sure how much more undead she could handle.*


*She felt ashamed as they made their way back to their camp, Thorin gently put his hand on her shoulder as they trekked.* You ok? *She looked up and nodded, then back down at the dirt she treaded upon. There was silence for a time. She could just feel it coming off of Thorin, he didn’t believe she was okay.* Back in the mine… I wasn’t on my guard, I thought you had everything under control, then something rose behind me and attacked…! I… *Thorin solemnly nodded.* Let me assure you, you have nothing to fear if it’s about me criticizing you. I’ve trained you long enough that you know what your mistakes are and how to learn from them. We’re in this together for a reason Sasha. I’m your backup if you need me, You’re MY backup if I need you. Believe me, you and your wondrous timing literally saved my neck multiple times. Don’t be afraid to call me if you can’t best your opponent. *Sasha smiled warmly, his words melting away her uneasiness. They made it back to their camp and Sasha had already forgotten her shame from the naïve mistake. They didn’t sleep that night though, Sasha having flashbacks of being ambushed by the corpse, Thorin worrying about Skyrim itself and what the witches were planning. That look the witch gave him, it was the smile that made you feel death itself clutch at your heart…*

WARNING: Mild violence

FINALLY!! Not long ago I finally had the inspiration to write this chapter, and hopefully, I'm not about to slow down! This witch hunt has been a long time in the making, and it is sure to show itself again! 

Please leave any thoughts and comments, opinions are appreciated!!
It's gone now, no worries, and no thanks either >:U Pooper faces



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