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LITERARY WORKS: The Chronicles of Kiro (So far i have parts PROLOGUE to PART 16, and for fun a gender bender)

The Story of Lilly&Heaven (8 parts out, but technically 7 because the undefined chapter is definitely a chapter in Lilly and Heavens future, but things need to happen before that does and I haven't gotten a timeline for it just yet. formulating the next part)

Dovahkiin (7 parts, up comming witch hunt)

Starwars (5 parts, formulating the 6th)

Feel free to leave comments and critique!! :iconmorespartaplz:

:iconzohanplz:HCHCHEY!! I am cuchkrentchtly wchkrighting new storchies! Check it out!

ALL NEW: S.P.A.H. Project: Special. Privileged. Agent. Honored. Set in the not so distant future, this two joint anti-crime/terrorism syndicate will bring about a whole new meaning to justice and peace keeping.

Tales of Zander: Darkest Darkness! These will delve into the life of the Platinum Paladin, and the terrible forces bent on destruction that he must face. I wrote a preview in my journal posted 11/21/14


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please read the journal!

and i just owned a job interview at Dunken Doughnuts, i start monday :iconhurrhurrplz:

I'll be writing more of my chronicles soon here too, It'll explain how Kiro gets his nickname Kratos if you people haven't understood whats going on yet. S.P.A.H Project is currently under hiatus, needs more thorough planning. Still planning on how I'm going to do the witch hunt for my Dovahkiin story, and I am in the middle of writing the next Starwars chapter for the mandalorian couple.

:iconfrageplz: NOW READ THIS AND BE AMUSED!!!!!!!

*Inky darkness, everywhere. Zander tried to push through it, but all he saw, all he felt, all he could breathe was the darkness, an infinite void. Deep growling could be heard, the voice of his father whispered within the darkness itself.* You cannot escape it... *Zander tried turning away, but he couldn't see anything else than the sparkling crimson eyes in the darkness, a looming figure rising over him.* It will choke all life, it will corrupt all light, it will sink into your very soul... *The facial features of the Dread Lord loomed into vision, the brooding man that Zander once knew as his father scowled at him.* It will devour all you cherish, it will make the life blood of all rain onto the earth, and who are you to stop it? *Zander tried to scream back in defiance, but the darkness chocked his very breath and closed his voice. The face started morphing, red scales and black horns bristled from what used to be pale white skin.* YOU CAN'T FIGHT IT, IT WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED-

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! *Zander rose from his slumber, screaming with all his might, a cold sweat covering him, making him shudder and shake. He gripped his head, trying to control the tears that wanted to flow. Soft arms surrounded him, pulling him into huge mounds of plush cleavage.* Shhh, shhhh! It's okay Zander, it was just a dream! *Zander hugged Jessica back, knowing full well it was more than any nightmare. He said nothing in reply, still trying to fight the memory of his most recent haunting. Jessica made him look up at her, and she stole his lips, refusing to let them go until she could feel Zander loosen within her grasp. She slowly broke the kiss, caressing his face with a hand.* Want some help darling...? *He sighed and nodded slowly. Zander doubted the effectiveness of the treatment this angel could provide now. When they first became entwined he could finally get real rest for the first time in several years, now it seemed to be wearing off... or the dreams were becoming stronger. He started to lay back down as she climbed over the top of him, kissing him deeply again as she made them ascend to her mansion in what she calls her true home. He could suddenly feel the cloud like softness of her bed surround him, the scent of the heavily perfumed air that constituted the very breath of the whole realm- due to specially bred flowers- started to bombard his very thoughts. She pulled his arms above his head, breaking the kiss and grinning down at him.* We'll have lots more time up here to make sure you get your rest! *Zander could no longer fight her body or the sensations that flowed through his veins once again, he didn't feel like he wanted sleep, he just wanted to drown the nightmare with his love for the angel.* I'm not sleeping... not before I slay your insatiable thirst! *He rose and kissed her deeply, rolling her over and gaining the dominant position above her, massaging her huge, soft, and weighty breast in his hand and bringing her juicy leg upwards. She giggled in the tumult, groaning in sultry lust as Zander took control of the situation.* Zander! OH my!


*My name is Zander, I am a prince in the Kingdom of Avo, and recently attained the honor to be the first Platinum Paladin. This angelic lady with me is my lover. I have been suffering from these nightmares since my duel with Genesis in the pit of Tartarus, the deepest and most accursed ring in the depths of hell. Our King, Drago, had been kidnapped, and I was the only one capable of rescuing him. Of course I prevailed... but at what cost? My attempts to dispel this curse on my mind has all proven futile, my research comes empty. I have consorted witches- whom no longer live thanks to my hand- I have attained dark books whose very existence is the very evil I have sworn to destroy, but without them I may yet be unable to rid myself of this plague. I am running out of options, even my eldest brother, Kratos, says this is power he hasn't dealt with before, and is unable to see the force behind it. Our forces grow thin, encampments and even our cities are turned to bloody ashes by the forces Genesis commands, and there seems to be no end to the foul abominations that continue their march. I must be getting ahead of myself though. Just as Kratos has decided to chronicle the lives he has led, the deeds he has done, so have I turned to writing down the events that has shaped my life into a relentless battle against a darkness that sinks into everything. Perhaps the secret to the cure lies within the pages I will write. My story doesn't really begin until I met Jessica, a lady bound in voluptuousness and indescribable beauty, who roamed with the rest of her angelic sisters in the abode Kratos and I made. At the time, I had no clue what he needed it for, but it was interesting nonetheless. I shall begin my story with the day I was forced to take council with Kratos after a terrible defeat at the battle lines.*

I just wanted to make a different kind of introduction as I have done before. So even though ^ that right there is from first person, the whole story will be written in 3rd still. make sense?

love to hear questions and comments party on people :iconmorespartaplz:

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:iconfiskefyren: is a fucking ass hole.

I offer clarity on scriptual matters calmly, peacefully, as if any of you ever seen that side of me.

ANYHOO, the fuck wad starts twisting my words and insulting me, then he blocks me before i can write a calm post back! :iconfuplz: Fuck that cunt and the bitch that gave birth to him.
you have to realize this: even though 100 IQ is average ability to process information, thats the maximum capacity they have to process information, so that must also mean they must use, on average, less than their total ability.

What that statement means is that most people have the thinking capacity of elementary students.
I have internet on my laptop once more! (for a short time) SO, who has any good movie suggestions to (legally :meow:) download?


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